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Sparkling Margarita | Organic Blue Agave & Bold Citrus

Sparkling Margarita | Organic Blue Agave & Bold Citrus

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Refreshing balance of organic blue agave and lime: not too sweet, not too tart.

Delicious & easy zero proof cocktails in a variety of classic flavors: the perfect on-the-go drink and the easiest way to stock your at-home bar for the next party. Mix it or drink it straight. Pair with ✓ alcohol or ✓ nothing at all. Natural, low calorie & low sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

Available in 12 fl oz cans in 4-Packs and 24-Packs. Each can makes up to 3 mixed drinks; each 4-Pack makes up to 12 mixed drinks.

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Made with natural ingredients, separation may occur. No artificial flavors or preservatives.
Refrigerate after opening, use within 12 days of opening.

✓ Gluten-free ✓ Non-GMO ✓ Vegan

Each Pack contains either 4 or 24 cans. 4-Packs make up to 12 mixed drinks. Can Size: 12 fl oz, 355ml · Servings Per Can: 3 · Serving Size: 3oz


Make delicious drinks in seconds: for a cocktail, mix 3 ounces of Splash Sparkling Margarita with 1 ounce of your spirit of choice (traditionally mixed with tequila). Pour over ice. Or enjoy straight!